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No-Time Bread from thekitchn.com

I can’t remember how I found this site – I think I was browsing through seriouseats.com one afternoon – but am I glad I did. Apartment Therapy’s The Kitchn presented a different idea from The Bread of last year – the No-Knead Bread – with their idea of No-Time Bread. Instead of throwing everything in a pot and leaving it for 24 hours before cooking it, this bread only takes 1 hour before it’s done. What? I hear you say. Bread from scratch in an hour? Not Possible! You’re pulling our legs. No, No! I profess – I promise you here and now. Fantastic bread, with a great crumb and even better crust, in only ONE hour!

So, if you are craving that fresh bread feeling, but don’t have the time to set your bread maker, or indeed want the bread today instead of tomorrow, then is this the recipe for you! Yes, you too can produce this sort of good-lookin’ loaf this evening!



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